December 2, 2020

Washburn Rural girls golf wins first match of the season

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Washburn Rural won its first girls golf match of the season. The Junior Blues placed first and second in the match. The final score card is below:

Washburn Rural Score Hayden High Score
Madelyn Luttjohann 84 Jensen Heideman 89
Kaitlyn Crough 85 Kate Roeder 107
McKenna Merrick 93 Maura McInerney 111
Avery Scott 91 Avery Grunert 129
Mallory Nelson 100 Emma Teply 134
Erica Culberson 110 Ava Teply WD

Both sides were excited to be back on the greens with their teams.

“It feels really good.” Jared Goehring, Washburn Rural girls golf coach, said. “I know the kids are excited. It’s all about them in these circumstances that we’re dealing with right now and we’re just very thankful for the opportunity that they’re getting the opportunity that they’re getting to play right now.

“So far, everything has been really unknown with like how much more we’ll get to play and every week is just like a blessing basically, since a lot of sports have been canceled already.” Madelyn Luttjohann, Washburn Rural golfer, said. “So, it’s just really exciting that we get that opportunity.”

They want to cherish every opportunity to play because the chance could quickly disappear.

“Just play every tournament like it might be your last tournament since we really don’t know what’s going to happen and just do our best while we still get the chance to.” Jensen Heideman, Hayden High golfer, said.

“We all understand now that it can be taken away in an instant and to enjoy what we’re going through, enjoy practice.” Carvel Reynoldson, Hayden High girls golf coach, said. “And it’s taught us not to take things for granted.”

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