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VIENNA – Vienna City Council has spent a lot of time debating the topic of golf carts in the past few weeks and after multiple proposed ordinances and amendments, an ordinance passed on second reading pertaining to the usage of motorized carts in Vienna.

There was a lot of discussion leading to the refusal of the same ordinance at previous meetings, with multiple members of council expressing safety concerns.

A major concern expressed was crossing at 12th Street due to possible collisions between golf carts and vehicles.

The original ordinance for usage of motorized carts did not pass on second reading in July, but the topic was brought back up and multiple items were amended to adhere to safety concerns.

Some of the highlights of the ordinance include:

∫ Anyone on the golf cart under the age of 18 must wear a Department of Transportation or American National Standards Institute certified helmet, and anyone under the age of 6 is not permitted to be on the cart.

∫ Those driving a golf cart are allowed to cross Grand Central Avenue above 28th Street, at 28th Street and below it at 12th Street, 23rd Street and the 700 block of Grand Central where Walmart is located, because those intersections are equipped with stop lights.

∫ Those driving the cart are required to have insurance and a valid license.

Council defined street legal special purpose vehicles once defined then it was stated that nothing in the ordinance shall apply to street legal special purpose vehicles.

Other business conducted at council included:

∫ Williamstown has spent a few months figuring out how to best control their feral cat issues, and citizens in Vienna have taken notice.

During Thursday’s public forum, two Vienna residents spoke up about concerns of their own with animals who run lose.

Brenda Powell brought up the amount of work being piled onto the Vienna Police Department, due to lack of manpower, and one of those responsibilities includes dealing with animals, she said.

Ethel Harris brought up the same concerns on animals, because the Parkersburg Shelter does not take care of animals running lose, instead they advise the caller to call the police department.

“We pay them each budget, but maybe we should cut off the money in the budget for them and hire us an animal control officer instead to take care of the loose animals on our own,” said Harris.

∫ An ordinance on first reading to re-enact the updated State Building codes, as well as adopting state fire commission energy rule title 87 series 4 passed.

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