Trevor Noah Says America Expects Too Much From N.B.A. Players

“That’s right, in an unprecedented move, the N.B.A. had to postpone its playoff games after the players went on strike. Which, don’t get it twisted, is a really big deal. This [expletive] is so radical, it makes Colin Kaepernick look moderate.” — TREVOR NOAH

“I bet right now somewhere out there is an old racist guy who’s, like, ‘I miss the good old days when they would take a knee but at least they’d show up for work.’” — TREVOR NOAH

“And massive props to these athletes for using their platform to bring attention to what’s happening in the streets. Because when you think about it, sports doesn’t stop for anything, so when sports does shut down, people take notice. Like, do you guys remember that time aliens landed on Earth? Yeah, of course you don’t remember, because it was the playoffs.” — TREVOR NOAH

“I’m also glad this movement was started by the players and not by the league. Because you know the league would have just put out a ‘Let’s dunk on racism’ poster and called it a day.” — TREVOR NOAH

“Are N.B.A. players supposed to just shut up and dribble or literally fix racism all by themselves? Either way, it feels like America relies way too much on the athletes to do everything. They’re supposed to play basketball, fix racism, sell cereal and date all the Kardashians?” — TREVOR NOAH

“If we can have a rain delay, we sure as hell can have a police brutality delay.” — TREVOR NOAH

“‘Make America great again, again.’ It doesn’t inspire confidence. If your — if your friend said to you, ‘I’m getting married again, again,’ you’d be like, ‘Sounds like that might not last.’” — JAMES CORDEN

“It’s almost like they never made America great in the first place.” — JAMES CORDEN

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