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NEW YORK, Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Satisfi Labs, The Interactive Search company, and Major League Baseball (MLB) announced today an expansion of their partnership to provide MLB teams with increased engagement and knowledge through Satisfi Labs’ custom and conversational search engines. This expansion is designed to enhance the MLB fan experience at home and during in-person sporting events. Expanded knowledge can now be accessed by voice with the help of Google Assistant, marking the first incorporation of the technology since Satisfi Labs joined the Google Assistant Investment portfolio in Fall 2019. Fans can start a conversation with teams such as Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, Tampa Bay Rays, and Texas Rangers.

The expansion allows each MLB team to make their virtual assistant accessible through voice, keeping connections with fans strong by seamlessly engaging with them at home; and once in-stadium experiences resume, to provide more contactless options when needing help with ticket info and purchases, and stadium logistics. With Satisfi Labs’ Interactive Search Engines available on Google Assistant, fans can access information and engage with their favorite team with convenience and ease.

Google Assistant allows fans to ask their most important questions about statistics, schedules, scores, standing, and team information, all year round. Fans can interact with a favorite team by saying “Hey Google, ask the Oakland Athletics what time is the next game?” or “What’s the score of the game right now?”

“Voice is the future of communication, and we believe expanding to Google Assistant will allow fans of all ages to access us on their terms. As we embark on this new season, what better way to build connections with the at-home fan than with a personal, voice experience,” said Steve Fanelli, Vice President, Oakland Athletics.

“In this adapting sports season, we’re looking forward to providing each team with a new way to engage with fans at home” added Don White, CEO of Satisfi Labs. “As Google Assistant is available on one billion devices around the world, we’re especially thrilled to be part of Google’s voice-ecosystem, which will allow teams to more easily connect with a global baseball fanbase.”

For Android users, engage with one of the 15 teams on Google Assistant by saying, “Hey Google, Talk to the Cleveland Indians” or “Hey Google, Chat with the Atlanta Braves” to ask them anything. This also works with any Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker or Smart Display, like Nest Hub.

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