Royce White blasts Draymond Green for opinion on NBA season continuing

Draymond Green had strong words on CNN when he was asked whether the NBA season should continue after Wednesday’s postponement of three playoff games in light of the Aug. 23 shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man who was shot seven times during an altercation with police in Kenosha, Wis.

“You put it in terms of a concert — when a performer is on a stage, if you’re sitting in the nosebleeds, the only way you can hear that performer is because they have a microphone and they’re on stage,” Draymond explained to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Friday afternoon. “If we leave our stage and we drop our microphone, we can no longer for those people that we are speaking for — parts of our community [whose] voices aren’t heard. It’s extremely important that we continue to speak for them.

“And also — if you look at it from a money and resource standpoint — tons of NBA guys, NBA teams and the league as a whole contributes to the urban community, to the Black community. I know I like to contribute as much as I possibly can. If we take those resources away, we’re taking resources away from ourselves to be able to continue this fight.

“And I don’t think that’s the right thing to do.”

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Former NBA player Royce White vehemently disagrees, believing players in the bubble should be returning to their communities and helping out those protesting and fighting for reform.

“He’s mistaken, he’s off the path with that,” White said about Draymond during a TMZ Sports roundtable. “This is not about awareness campaigns anymore. Report to the front lines. If you can’t report to the front lines, then send aid.”

White also had specific words for LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers star who initially was reported to be the leader of the movement to cancel the season after Wednesday’s events.

“Go to Akron, Ohio. March with the people,” White said. “Stay there until something really changes, and If they choose to be all the way violent, let your body be laying in the street when it’s over.”

White was a first-round draft pick back in 2012 by the Houston Rockets, but never played a game with the team as he criticized the league’s lack of mental health protocols.

Green and James both have used their platforms for plenty of good in their communities, donating plenty of money and time to help both their hometowns and the NBA communities they’ve played in.

But everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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Royce White blasts Draymond Green for opinion on NBA season continuing originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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