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After NBA players essentially went on strike these last few days, not against the NBA but as a protest against anti-Black police brutality issues in the United States, the league had to reschedule some games. Action will pick up where it left off, with a Magic vs Bucks game.

Here’s the new and improved updated NBA playoff game schedule now that the player protest has ended:

All Times Eastern (ET)

NBA Game Schedule For Saturday, August 29

3:30pm: Magic vs Bucks Game 5, on ESPN

6:30pm: Thunder vs Rockets Game 5, on TNT

9pm: Blazers vs Lakers Game 5, on TNT

NBA Game Schedule For Sunday, August 30

1pm: Celtics vs Raptors Game 1, on ESPN

3:30pm: Clippers vs Mavericks, on ESPN

8:30pm: Nuggets vs Jazz, on TNT

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