NBA games postponed: Latest news from Aug. 28

The NBA is hopeful to resume playoff games this weekend, but the details of that are still being ironed out.

What is known is that all 13 teams still on the NBA’s campus at Walt Disney World in Orlando will be back at practice today. The NBA announced a practice schedule for Aug. 28, which leads off with the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat practicing from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and closes out with the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic and Portland Trail Blazers practicing last (3-6 p.m.).

NBA practice schedule for Aug. 28 (via NBA Communications)

In a statement issued by the NBA on Thursday, the league said the three playoff games scheduled for Aug. 27 will hopefully be played in the coming days.

“NBA playoff games for today will not be played as scheduled. We are hopeful to resume games either Friday or Saturday,” NBA Executive Vice President Mike Bass said in a statement released Thursday

“There is a videoconference call meeting scheduled later this afternoon between a group of NBA players and team governors representing the 13 teams in Orlando, along with representatives from the National Basketball Players Association and the league office and NBA Labor Relations Committee Chairman Michael Jordan, to discuss next steps.”

The WNBA, which postponed its games on Aug. 26, also postponed its games on Thursday night.

Players across the NBA have been adamant that more needs to be done to effect social change after the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisc. 

The Milwaukee Bucks did not take the floor before the start of Game 5 against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday, an action they later stated was due to the police shooting of Blake, subsequent civilian shootings of protestors and the lack of legal response to those and other national occurrences of social injustice that preceded them.

After Wednesday night in Orlando at the Walt Disney World campus housing the season restart, players and owners met to discuss the state of the season. Per multiple reports, the NBA’s players decided Thursday to resume the 2020 playoffs.  

Here’s the latest news on this developing situation:

More news from yesterday’s protest

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