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Hesston Invitational I


at Buhler

Team scores — Buhler 24, McPherson 20, Maize South 18, Wichita Collegiate 14, Wichita Trinity Academy 11, Hesston 11, Abilene 7, Smoky Valley 7.

x-non-scoring entry.

First singles

Quarterfinals — Isabella Sebits WTA def. Logan Spencer SV 8-0. Patty Huerta McP. def. Michaela Martin Hes. 8-0, Ella Graham WC def. Alle Cross Ab. 8-0, Brittany Teufel Buh. def. Addison Russell MS 8-4.

Semifinals — Championship: Sebits WTA def. Huerta McP. 8-0, Graham WC def. Teufel Buh. 8-2. Consolation: Martin Hes. def. Spencer SV 8-2, Russell MS def. Cross Ab. 8-5.

Medal round — First: Sebits WTA def. Graham WC 8-3. Third: Huerta McP. def. Teufel Buh. 8-4. Fifth: Martin Hes. def. Russell MS 8-2. Seventh: Cross Ab. def. Spencer SV 8-1.

Second singles

Quarterfinals — Madelyn Fellows MS def. Carley Malm McP. 8-6, Casey Lehl Buh. def. Sophia Majors WTA 8-2, Gracie Dawes Hes. def. Matigan Kobiskie Ab. 8-1, Sienna Douglas Buh.-x def. Tatum Bhargava WC 8-6.

Semifinals — Championship: Lehl Buh. def. Fellows MS 8-7 (8-6), Dawes Hes. def. Douglas Buh.-x 8-1. Consolation: Malm McP. def. Majors WTA 8-6, Bhargava WC def. Kobiskie Ab. 8-1.

Medal round — First: Dawes Hes. def. Lehl Buh. 8-5. Third: Fellows MS def. Douglas Buh.-x 8-1. Fifth: Bhargava WC def. Malm McP. 8-6. Seventh: Majors WTA def. Kobiskie Ab. 8-0.

First doubles

Quarterfinals — Wilkinson-Tos MS def. Albin-Yoder Hes. 8-0, Dobson-Berger McP. def. Beswick-Lillard Ab. 8-3, Elliott-Rauchholz SV def. Kemnitz-Nichols WC 8-1, Hutton-Babbock Buh. def. Dunne-Lancelot WTA 8-3.

Semifinals — Championship: Dobson-Berger McP. def. Wilkinson-Tos MS 8-5, Hutton-Babbock Buh. def. Elliott-Rauchholz SV 8-1. Consolation: Beswick-Lillard Ab. def. Albin-Yoder Hes. 8-1, Kemnitz-Nichols WC def. Dunne-Lancelot WTA 8-3.

Medal round — First: Dobson-Berger McP. def. Hutton-Babbock Buh. 8-5. Third: Wilkinson-Tok MS def. Elliott-Rauchholz SV 8-7 (8-6). Fifth: Kemnitz-Nichols WC def. Beswick-Lillard Ab. 8-7 (7-4). Seventh: Dunne-Lancelot WTA def. Albin-Yoder Hes. 8-3.

Second doubles

Quarterfinals — Schneider-Achilles McP. def. Davis-Todorov WTA 8-1, O’Brien-Kratzer MS def. Bhargave-Do WC 8-3, Sims-Gillispie Ab. def. Alstedt-Gaskill SV 8-3, Fredrick-Ferneau Buh. def. John-Bontrager Hes. 8-2.

Semifinals — Championship: O’Brien-Kratzer MS def. Schneider-Achilles McP. 8-5, Fredrick-Ferneau Buh. def. Sims-Gillispie Ab. 8-0. Consolation: Bhargave-Do WC def. Davis-Todorov WTA 8-0, Alstedt-Gaskill SV def. John-Bontrager Hes. 8-2.

Medal round — First: Fredrick-Ferneau Buh. def. O’Brien-Kratzer MS 8-4. Third: Schneider-Achilles McP. def. Sims-Gillispie Ab. 8-4. Fifth: Alstedt-Gaskill SV def. Bhargave-Do WC 8-2. Seventh: Davis-Todorov WTA def. John-Bontrager Hes. 8-5.

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