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Bob Golubski’s 34 led the A Flight during Utility Golf League play at The Vineyards Golf Course on Monday.

Golubski converted an eagle on No. 3 and a birdie at No. 8. Joey Tramuta birdied No. 5.

In the B Flight, Tony Antolini, Alex Erdle, Charlie Reinhardt, Bob Manning and Brian Manning all had 43s. Antolini earned a skin at No. 4, Jim Sedota earned skins at Nos. 6 and 8, and Gary Hazelton earned a skin at No. 2.

Golubski was closest to the pin at No. 5 and Jeff Nelson was closest at No. 9.

A Flight: Bob Golubski 34, Joey Tramuta 35, Bill Anderson 37, Jeff Nelson 38, Chad Bradigan 38, Dan Wolf 39, Tim Wozniak 39

B Flight: Tony Antolini 43, Alex Erdle 43, Charlie Reinhardt 43, Bob Manning 43, Brian Manning 43, Mike Crise 44, Jaime Galarza 44, Phil Maslach 44


Steve Dando’s 34 led the Tom Tucker Thursday Night Memorial League at The Vineyards Golf Course on Aug. 20.

Skins were earned by Dave Criscione on No. 10 and Dando on No. 17.

John Chabuel was closest to the pin on No. 12 and Dando was closest on No. 18.

Steve Dando 34, Dave Criscione 36, Greg Haight 39, Glenn Mann 41, Mike Rosario 42, Chris Kokoszka 42, John Chabuel 42, Gordy Haight 42, Craig Sutton 42, Rick Bauza 43, Jeff Lehnen 43, Brian Curtis 43, Steve Dudek 44, Pete Criscione 44, Mark Gugino 45, Kevin Glavey 45, John Weidenhofer 46, Dave DeJoe 46, Tim Wozniak 46, Rick Mazurek 47, Ralph Archer 47, Rick Winder 47, Shawn Hennessey 48, Tony Antoloni 48, Jerry Kaminski 48, Tim Cave 49, Chris Jewell 49, Sam Fote 49

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