Football enacts new rules for season

Fans can expect some quite a different look when they attend football games this year.

Less specatorors and shorter halftimes.

Here is just a break down of the Ohio High School Athletic Asociation Guidelines fans can expect this year.


• Up to 60 players may dress for games.

• The team box on the sideline has been extended from the 10-yard line to the opposite 10-yard line so that coaches and players can adhere to social distancing guidelines.

• All coaches, players, medical staff, game workers, media and spectators must wear a facial covering at all times, other than the 22 players on the field of play.

• The OHSAA recommends that halftimes be shortened to 10 minutes (plus three minutes for warm-up) and that team members be kept socially distanced outside their locker room. The host school will determine the specific length of halftime.

• Timeouts may be extended to two minutes in length

• Officials will have limited contact with the ball. The players on the offensive team will handle the ball and take it with them to their huddle. The umpire will place an orange bean bag at the spot where the ball will be snapped.

• Each player should have his/her own water bottle.

• Players and coaches from the visiting team should not use a locker room, therefore they should arrive already fully or partially dressed in their game uniform.

• Pregame handshakes (captains and officials) and postgame handshakes lines are not permitted.


By order of the Ohio Department of Health, only 15 percent of the stadium’s permanent seating capacity may be admitted into the game. Players, coaches, officials, cheerleaders, band members, game workers and media do not count toward that 15 percent capacity.


It has been decided that ticket allotment will be determined by seating capacity at various stadiums with home school receiving 2/3 of the tickets and the visiting school receiving 1/3 of the tickets. Each school will determine the access to those tickets with priority being given to players, cheerleaders, and band members for home games. All football tickets will be presale only. Home and visiting spectators will need to purchase tickets at their respective schools prior to arriving at the game. There will be no tickets sold at the gate.

*All other sports will present a voucher at the gate and pay at the gate. If you do not have a voucher you will not be admitted.

* Visiting schools will provide game day rosters for those to be admitted at the pass gate. This includes coaches, video personnel, stat personnel, and district administrators.

*Bands will only be permitted at home games

* No passes will be allowed. This includes NWC or league passes, local district passes, senior passes, or NWC lifetime



Each spectator must have a voucher from a member school to purchase a ticket at the games of all NWCC contest.

These voucheers will be issued to the athletes, cheerleaders and band members prior to that week’s games. Lost and/or stolen vouchers will not be replaced.

For all NWCC events. the admission price will be $5. Football gates will open one hour prior to kick off. Seating for events will be determined by the host’s seating capacity. Home teams will be sharing with visitors prior to contest.

Each school’s amount of vouchers will vary based on stadium availability. Every person regardless of age must have a voucher to purchase a ticket. Passes will be accepted at the discretion of each school.


Seating capacity at Spartan Stadium per the recent health order is 750. We will issue a fixed number oftickets to our opponents, and will sell the remaining tickets per the schedule below:

* Each high school football player/cheerleader/marching band member/coach may purchase up to four (4) tickets beginning on Monday for the game that week thru Tuesday from 7:30am-4pm in the LCC Business Office. All tickets are $6.

* Remaining unsold tickets will be available beginning Wednesday morning to LCC students only in the LCC Business Office. Students will be limited to a single student ticket. Student tickets are free with their activitypass (per the composite service fee paid with tuition).

* Remaining unsold tickets will go on sale Thursday and Friday to school staff and the general public at theLCC main entrance from 7:30am-9:30am, 1:30-3:30pm. All tickets are $6.

* We do not anticipate any tickets available for sale at the gate at the stadium. All spectators must have a ticket to enter.

* No season or family passes will be issued this fall.

* Spectators are to sit only in designated seats on the home side of the stadium in groups of no more than four (unless all in the group are from same household).

* Masks are mandatory at all times.

* Concessions will be available.

* There is no “student section”. There will be no spectator access to the track or field level. There will be no

bleacher seating in the end zones.

* Please remain at 6 ft distance while in line for concessions and when entering and exiting the stadium and


Home football games will be available to watch via live stream. Information on how to subscribe will be

distributed at a later date.All of our football games on the road will also be available via live stream. As information becomes available we will post it on our website, social media, and text alerts.

Fans crowded Spartan Stadium when Lima Central Catholic and Lima Senior squared off in the Crosstown Rivarly game last year. Expect crowds and other things to be different in this 6-game regular season.

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