Could a Possible NASCAR Cup Seat be the Reason Behind a Series of Cryptic Posts by Noah Gragson

Recently, NASCAR Xfinity driver Noah Gragson decided to tease his fans and the NASCAR community. In an Instagram live video, he began to talk about an important pen which he used to sign some papers.

To stir the hornets’ nest even further, he encouraged people to comment what he signed. Gragson wasn’t done messing with everyone when he mentioned that some people on Twitter gave some good guesses.

Noah Gragson insisted that whatever he signed, held a lot of value to many people. He even confessed that it revolved around racing. The 22-year old observed that he never thought that such a scenario would ever happen to him in his life. However, he was careful to continue playing coy on what he actually signed off on.

What does this actually mean for Noah Gragson?

Judging by all the hints being shovelled down everyones’ throats, one can only assume that a new contract is on the horizon. To really sell the point home, he even had a pen emoji on his Twitter bio. So far this season, Noah Gragson has been in a good run of form.

He bagged wins at the Daytona 500 and at the Bristol Motor Speedway. Other than that, he has put in consistent Top 10 performances, aside from a few hiccups at California, Pocono and Texas.

Aside from those three races, his lowest race finish was 15th, and he finished outside the Top 10 on just three occasions. Last year, he finished the season in 8th place and is surely in the running to improve on that.

Admittedly, nobody knows if he is getting an upgrade and moving up to the Cup Series. On the other hand, it is also possible that he could be moving to another Xfinity team. For the moment, everyone has to wait until the truth comes to light.

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