Why the NFL Draft could give a huge boost to the Sooner defense

He’s projected in most mock drafts to be the second linebacker taken.

So, he’s gone from not even being one of the best three linebackers in the Big 12 to being one of the two best in the country.

“And that change happened in just a matter of months,” Riley said.

The coach believes Gallimore and Motley had similar jumps, not necessarily into the first round but definitely onto most draft boards.

“You’re talking about guys that had elite years, that are at the top of their classes at their respective positions,” Riley said. “Those guys, their commitment to it is obviously the biggest factor, but the job the Coach Grinch and our staff have done in such a short amount of time is a factor, too.

“The exciting thing for our young players or recruits is, ‘If they can make that much of a difference in a few months with Kenneth Murray, Neville Gallimore, Parnell Motley, what does it look like for me for two, three, four years?’”

If Murray gets picked on the first night of the draft, if Gallimore and Motley get taken the next night in the second or third rounds, those would be huge feathers in OU’s cap. It would be validation of the difference these new defensive coaches can make in a player. It would be proof defenders have a path to the NFL through Norman.

Not in three or four years either.

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