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We’re making changes to Boxing News online. Editor Matt Christie explains all

Boxing News,
since our 1909 inception, has been completely free of bias and always takes
pride in putting the readers first. It is not owned by a promoter nor are any
of our writers on the payroll of promoters.

That’s’ why we
are the most trusted source of news within the boxing industry. We will not
report on anything flippantly – that is, we won’t publish something just for
the sake of getting clicks. We are only interested in quality delivering the
truth and compelling content to our readers. Our readers are also our customers
and we care about nobody more than them.

We investigate
everything extensively, and cover subjects that few others do. Everyone
reported on Tyson Fury’s most recent triumph, but do you know what happened in
the dressing room before he had his first fight as a teenage amateur? We do,
and we’re more than happy to share this with you.

You will find
ringside fight reports from all over the world and exclusive interviews with
the biggest names. We have been ringside at some of the biggest fights in
history and it’s all there in our 110-year archives which are the envy of the

We always focus
on the stories that need telling, rather than the ones promoters want us to

It’s not all
about the fights, either. Ever wanted to write a boxing book? We can show you
how. Ever wondered what happened to the boxing pub? We’ve investigated that,
too. And, if you’re in the mood to debate, we have ranked all of Mike Tyson’s
fights, from 58 down to 1. We’ve compiled the top 50 moments from the life of
Muhammad Ali and even ranked the best boxing movies.

In short, we are
the most revered and respected boxing news outlet on the planet.

But don’t just
take my word for it.

In the most
recent Boxing Writers Association of America awards, Boxing News
came out top for the quality of our reporting, beating the likes of ESPN,
Boxing Scene, Boxing Monthly and The Ring. “BN
stormed the awards like the Beatles storming America in 1964,” was how our
success was reported. Not only that, our writers picked up several individual
awards including Best Event Coverage and Best Feature.

In the UK, at
the highly prestigious Sports Journalist Association Awards – also known as the
‘Oscars of Sports Journalism’ – Boxing News is the only boxing
publication to break the monopoly of the daily newspapers. No other sports
magazine has figured as prominently as we continue to do so. In fact, at the
recent ceremony, we were named as ‘Best Sports Website’ beating Sky Sports, The
Guardian, The Daily Mail and the Telegraph. On top of that, we won the ‘Best
Sports Special Edition’ for the fourth consecutive year. Our team of
contributors includes names such as Thomas Hauser, Donald McRae, Springs
Toledo, Nigel Collins, Steve Bunce and Thomas Gerbasi – without question, six
of the leading boxing writers in the world.

Our dedicated
editorial team includes the esteemed Elliot Worsell and John Dennen, the
award-winning Paul Wheeler and myself, Matt Christie. We have all received
worldwide honours for our writing and achievements, and work round the clock to
deliver the stories that matter to you.

Producing the
best boxing content in the world, woking all day and all night, costs money. We
intend to continue doing what we do, delivering the best and most reliable and
best content in the industry, free from clickbait and excessive ads, and to
grow and get even better.

That’s why we
need you. We have always been subscription-based and now we have another way
for you to get access to Boxing News whenever you want, for a fair price and
without having to subscribe. Now, you can pay-as-you-go with an Axate
account.  What does that mean? 
It means that you only pay when you want to read an article or a whole
issue. The money that you upload to your Axate account stays there until you
chose to spend it. Upgrade to a subscription whenever you’re ready.

So what do you
get if you subscribe
or pay to read our best stories? You can get access everything on the website
using Axate or with a subscription. Subscribers also get our digital weekly
issue to read on Tuesdays and every single weekly issue we’ve produced since
2012 is yours to read, too. Subscribers also get our daily news bulletin,
available from 5pm, Monday to Friday and bags of exclusive online content. And
if you want the magazine delivered to your door, we can do that too.

Need more
persuasion to join Boxing News?

If you’re
tempted, then sign up for a no obligation seven-day free trial or check out any of our premium articles for
just 40 pence each and no more than £1.60 a week using Axate pay-as-you-go
wallet. We’re confident you will like what you find.

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