Verstappen hopes on NASCAR: ”The next race will be interesting again”

Max Verstappen impressed again with two victories during the simraces on Wednesday evening. The Dutchman crossed both races by a large margin and was happy after the races.

”I can say I enjoyed tonight. The car felt good and the track is very nice to drive on. I love to win and sometimes the battle on the track is fun, but in this case it’s also fun to win by a margin. Those guys behind me were also getting faster and faster and that’s what you say in race two”, says Verstappen after the race.

Verstappen wants to try NASCAR

Where the past races were the battle at Spa-Francorchamps with Formula 3 cars and which went mainly between Lando Norris and Verstappen, now Larry ten Voorde was the big opponent. It’s part of the competition, because only five minutes before the race starts the drivers are told in which car and on which circuit they are driving. On Friday evening Verstappen will race again and he is hoping for something new.

”The track doesn’t really matter to me, because it’s mainly up to the car. I’m curious what we’ll do next time. Maybe NASCAR and I’ve never driven that before so I’m very curious how that will go”, the Dutchman concludes.

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