Update Addresses Road To The Show, Gameplay, And Presentation

While MLB The Show 20 released in decent shape–especially by today’s standards of expansive titles that offer tons, but rarely are 100 percent efficient at the outset–there have still been issues.

One problem caused one of the game’s newest features, Custom Leagues to be shut down temporarily. It has been restored through a quick fix on Sony’s side, and now there is a larger update arriving early Friday morning.

It is the fifth patch released since the game launched on March 17. Here are the details, per The Show Nation.

Gameplay Tuning

Sony San Diego offered the following notes about the changes to gameplay”

  • “In multiplayer games, slight increases made to pitch accuracy across all interfaces, including accuracy increases to perfect pitch inputs.

Remember that other than user input, the pitcher’s BB/9 and difficulty setting standards remain the biggest factors in overall accuracy. If you hit perfect meter more often you’ll benefit from this update more than someone who doesn’t.

  • Slight increases to exit velocities in competitive multiplayer.

Together, the end result should help pitchers hit their spot a little more and get slightly fewer meatballs, while batters don’t lose offense overall due to the increased exit velo on balls they put in play.

If you haven’t already seen the clarifications made to the 1.04 update notes, you can read them here.”

For the most part, hitting in competitive modes has been a major focus of the post-release updates. However, as someone who spends as much–if not more–time playing offline, it’s great to see Sony separate the two experiences.

These should not be universal adjustments.

Other Gameplay Fixes and Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue where an Outfielder would not lock in when trying to set up for a routine high fly ball, which resulted in the user losing control of the player.
  • Button Accuracy with Throw Meter turned OFF was resulting in too many perfect throws. This has been fixed and adjusted for balance.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence with button accuracy where the ball would not go to the intended target.
  • When pulling back late on a bunt, batters were often hit with the ball. We’ve adjusted the animation times so this should happen less frequently.
  • Fixed a rare situation where base hits could erroneously be called a fielder’s choice.

Of the issues identified here, I’ve seen an outfielder not lock on, and had a single scored as a fielder’s choice. Both happened one time, which is too often. Thankfully, it appears that’s been fixed.

Road to the Show

  • Fixed an issue where the weights would become stuck while playing the Squats and Strength mini-game.
  • Fixed various spelling errors and minor UI issues.

The spelling errors are a little embarrussing…err I mean embarrassing, but it happens.

User Interface

  • Batter walk-up stats in Franchise, MTO, and RTTS are now properly displayed for the current batter.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pause Timer was not displaying when a user was reviewing their Bullpen in online games.
  • Swing/Pitch info will now not display when selected “off”.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message that was being displayed when trying to add a player from a pack that was already in your squad.
  • Various other minor UI corrections.

I’d noticed the incorrect batter walk-up stats quite a bit in Franchise, and that’s pretty annoying, especially for an offline player. Accurate stats are part of the immersion. Without that appearing correctly on the screen, it becomes a little less realistic.


  • Fixed an issue where two-way players were causing year-to-year saves to not load correctly in Franchise and Road to the Show.
  • The trophy “Silver But It Feels Like Gold” should now unlock as intended.
  • Users will now be able to set a secondary position for a two-way player.
  • Various crash fixes.

The year-to-year saves is one of the franchise’s best features. The Show is still the only sports gaming series that offers this option. A disruption to this system could be terrible for a gamer who has been carrying over saves for multiple versions.

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