Tennis Must Protect Bigger Tournaments Even if it Upsets Roger Federer

Former French Open champion Adriano Panatta says that the tennis authorities must protect the bigger events like the French Open and the Italian Open, even if it upsets the likes of Roger Federer. Speaking to La Stampa, Panatta says, “I make an appeal to Andrea Gaudenzi, the President of the ATP.

As an Italian, I do not ask him to favor Europe, but tennis institutions have a duty to safeguard tournaments that have more tradition. Playing Phoenix, Arizona, is not more important than playing in Rome. Roland Garros moved in September without asking anyone: I agree with them.

They have a history of more than 100 years. Rome must be rescheduled. October is fine, even after Paris. Federer, who organizes the Laver Cup on the same dates as Roland Garros, did not take it well. Federer is also nice to me, but he has made a company of his own, he will make a reason for it.

We can’t go after him.” Speaking about tennis in his own time, Panatta says, “I didn’t care about the Australian Open. It was true that the movements were more difficult, but I wanted to play well in Rome, Monte Carlo – where unfortunately I never succeeded – Paris, the Davis Cup.

I was going to Wimbledon because I had to go there. The worst signal was just having destroyed the Davis Cup.” Speaking about the current break, the former World No. 4 says, “I stay at home, like everyone else. I go out once a week to shop.

That’s enough. It (the tour) will gradually start again, but everything will return as before: everyone will try to make his own interest. Usually, when there is a forced stop of a few months, the most talented is at an advantage when it coms to the resumption.”

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