PODCAST: Devils Director of Pro Scouting, Kate Madigan, joins our Podcast

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For the twenty-fourth episode of the Devils Official Podcast this season, our guest is Devils Director of Pro Scouting, Kate Madigan.

Kate Madigan’s role as Director of Pro Scouting Operations for the New Jersey Devils has a variety of moving parts throughout the year. What time of year and what that means for the team is what drives Madigan’s work load.

“Depending on the time of year, there’s different roles and responsibilities,” said Madigan. “Anything the coaches or management needs whether it is video, information, working a lot with our scouts across the area.”

“Things on the ice, but also things off the ice,” said Madigan. “Making sure we’re recruiting, we’re drafting but also signing players that fit that culture.”

Madigan came into the Devils organization three years ago, but she wasn’t an unfamiliar face. Madigan’s father, Jim, was a scout for the Islanders and Penguins organization in the past, and currently is the head coach of Northeastern University’s Men’s Ice Hockey Team.

“I knew a lot of the guys,” Madigan said about the coaching and front office staff. “They did accept me, and I think a lot of them, they did challenge me though. Because it’s completely different from what I knew from college hockey.”

“I was thrown in but they were there to help. There was an open door policy, anything you need, come ask questions. I think they accepted me, but they definitely challenged me. Which I think has helped me now as I talk about being more confident.”

“That first year, as much as I said I was learning and gaining confidence, I think it really helped me shape my future.”

Madigan has experienced support from her co-workers both during work hours and outside of the office. She describes the experience as a family.

“Sometimes [Interim General Manager Tom Fitzgerald] will call me 8, 9 o’clock at night, and I’m like ‘hey, what’s going on, what do you need?’ And he’s like ‘I’m just checking in,” said Madigan. “So I think it’s good, people care for you not just inside of work.”

Madigan started her career outside of hockey, at Deloitte in public accounting.

“Accounting and hockey information, it’s very different,” Madigan joked. “I graduated Northeastern with an accounting masters, and I went to Deloitte for two and a half, three years, which I am very thankful for that experience. I learned a lot about professionalism and communication and stuff through there which has resonated here. So yes, very night and day.”

“I learned a lot from there but I would say, this job is a lot more, it’s a lifestyle. We all live it, it’s 24/7,” said Madigan. “I’m watching hockey, my passion, doing what I love, so it’s very different.”

When asked about her future in this career and what roles she is working for, Madigan said she would love to continue through this path up to the general manager role.

“There’s steps to be there, it’s not going to be next year. I would love to be an assistant general manager, eventually a general manager,” said Madigan. “I know there’s steps we that need to take. I’m fortunate enough though that I am surrounded by a lot of people who are helping me learn every day and get there.”

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