Novak Djokovic speaks on spending time with his family during Tour suspension

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic says he is spending some quality time with his family during the Tour suspension. Last week, the ATP extended the Tour suspension through to June 7 due to the coronavirus outbreak. The suspension came at a bad time for Djokovic, who hasn’t lost a match this year.

But Djokovic draws positives from this situation as he now has a chance to spend so much time with his wife Jelena and their two kids. “In the coming days, we are planning to organize some interesting hangouts and challenges inside the house with our kids.

We will post it on the social media,” Djokovic said, per Sport Klub. “We are spending a quality time with our kids, I can’t recall ever being in a situation like this since I became a father — so many consecutive weeks at home with Jelena and the kids.

“Because of the nature of my job, I’m always on the road so now we are trying to look at it on the bright and positive side as much as possible and to do some things for which we usually don’t have time.”

Djokovic, 32, started the 2020 season with 18 consecutive match wins and three consecutive titles captured. Djokovic led Serbia to winning the inaugural ATP Cup, before he captured his record eighth Australian Open title after beating Dominic Thiem in the final. In his last tournament played, the now 17-time Grand Slam champion won it all at an ATP 500 event in Dubai.

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