National City considers raising golf fees to cover minimum wage increases

California’s minimum wage increase means National City golfers are being asked to pay higher green fees.

Last month, the company that operates the National City Golf Course asked the City Council to raise all the fees by $2.

This would be the first price increase at the course since 2006.

In requesting the fee increase, the golf course’s general manager told the City Council that the reason behind the proposed price hike was rising costs of doing business in the Golden State.

“During this time since the last rate increase, minimum wage and related costs have gone up considerably,” wrote General Manager Jeremy M. Whalen. “We are confident the golfers will support the increase.”

Whalen added that the golf course “is in the best shape ever” and that operators have redone seven of the nine tee boxes, brought in new range mats, balls and added irrigation lines for the fairways.

The golf course operators originally asked for the increases to go into effect April 1.

The City Council was scheduled to vote on the proposed increase at its March 17 meeting. However, the city used the majority of that meeting to address concerns about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and several agenda items were pushed back.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for April 7. It’s too early to tell whether the proposed green fee increases will be on that agenda.

On Sunday, the National City Golf Course was closed due to the current state of emergency over the coronavirus pandemic.

National City has also closed public parks, facilities and public events that were already scheduled in city property.

The National City Golf Course has some of the lowest green fees in the South Bay.

Even with the proposed increases, playing in National City would still be less expensive than playing at the Chula Vista Golf Course, Bonita Golf course, and Eastlake Country Club, according to a market analysis from the American Golf Corp.

Current weekday rates are $12 to walk and $20 to ride for nonresidents and $10 to walk and $18 to ride for residents. The proposed increases would raise each of those prices by $2.

Fees in Bonita are $19 to walk and $27 to ride. Eastlake charges $22 for a cart and breakfast.

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