Most players can’t go six months without playing and earning money

Brazilian doubles star Bruno Soares, 38, says some players can’t afford to go six months without playing tournaments and earning money. The tennis season has been suspended until at least June 7 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The ATP and WTA announced a lengthy suspension but still there isn’t too much optimism that the season will resume when the latest suspension expires. The belief among the players is that the season suspension will get extended once again and that the grass season will get called off.

“There is a vast majority of players who need money on a monthly basis. There are some who can go six months without playing, but most do not. It’s complicated. We are looking at what we can do,” Soares told La Nacion.

Even before the ATP and WTA extended the Tour suspension, the French Tennis Federation (FFT) decided to reschedule the French Open. The French Open is now scheduled to take place right after the US Open, from September 20 – October 4.

The FFT apparently didn’t consult anyone when making the decision and they have received a lot of criticism. Soares joined the criticism as he said the players learned the news on the social media and described it as a “selfish move.”

“The players are not satisfied with what Roland Garros did and the ATP won’t approve anything that is done without everyone’s consensus,” Soares said. The Brazilian also said there is “no need to rush with cancelling tournaments” but admitted that there may be no more tennis for 2020.

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