Many thanks for Anderson’s golf column – Chico Enterprise-Record

I’m not a golfer, not disciplined enough, and unwilling to sacrifice the practice time to become skilled. I do share Ed Anderson’s column and enjoyment in writing about the players of sports we love.

I met Ed while playing for Brown Tire fast pitch softball team in 1965. Ed and Nel’s Christensen were our regular pitchers, and Roy Hobbs, the junk pitcher, was thrown in for tournaments. I’m glad that I didn’t have to hit against these pitchers. Especially Ed’s flaming fastball.

One tourney stands out.  I started out as groundskeeper and umpire for a morning game and played in the championship game that evening.  A team driving from Reno was in an auto accident and had to drop out. As sponsor of the tournament, we filled the bracket left open by the team’s exodus.

Ed pitched us to victory in the championship game over a talented Giannulli’s team from San Francisco.  What a competitor!

Ed, continue sharing the thrills of others in recording their scores with your better-than-par writing.

— Dick Cory, Chico

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