Man Utd legend Neville floats idea of 12-month transfer window after coronavirus lockdown

The former Red Devils star has outlined a five-step plan for getting football back on its feet once competitive action is given the green light again

Manchester United legend Gary Neville would like to see a 12-month transfer window introduced as part of the changes made to football on the back of the coronavirus outbreak.

Competitive action around the world is currently taking in an indefinite spell of postponement.

Efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19 have forced sport to take a back seat while a global health crisis is addressed.

Plans are still in place to get 2019-20 campaigns played to a finish, although it remains unclear as to how or when those proposals could be implemented.

Neville is among those to have called for fixture lists to be fulfilled, while expressing his opposition to games being held behind closed doors.

For the eight-time Premier League champion, matches should only return once a green light is given across the board.

That will play havoc with future scheduling, with events such as Euro 2020 having already been pushed back.

Neville, though, believes that changes could be implemented that benefit sides at every level, with it possible that recruitment could be allowed across an entire year while the makeup of upcoming campaigns is tinkered with.

The former Red Devils and England defender has said on Twitter of his five-step plan to get football back on its feet: “Finish this season in a short time frame when safe. Condense next season if needed.

“Open transfer window from May and run it all the way through 20/21 to give clubs agility. Extend player contracts to complete 19/20. Financial packages for clubs in need including non-league.”

Neville also wants clubs and players to be embracing the prospect of a “festival of football” being held once games can resume.

There have been suggestions that some of those at the very highest level are opposed to playing every couple of days, with burnout a factor.

Neville is not buying that and has said: “Surely we aren’t gonna be hearing this crap when the game can return!

“I’m in no doubt whenever it does return it will be 9-10 game hit in an extremely condensed period.

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“Contracts may have to be temporarily extended if needed and the PFA just need to accept this as a requirement.”

He added on the need to get seasons finished, rather than written off: “It’s not going to be ideal for sports science but it will happen when safe to do so I’m sure .

“Whether we like it or not with it being for economical reasons the £750m at stake is too big a number. Some clubs would be in big trouble as they’ve spent it already!”

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