Love in the Time of COVID: Yeah, I Played Golf This Morning

I was awake at 4 this morning. This is how my body clock now works. Why is it affected by a pandemic? Hell, if I know. But after staring at the ceiling for three hours, it occurred me: let’s go play some golf.

Judge me if you want. Get on your horse. Don’t care. I now owe Tenison some money, I guess. When life gets back to normal, I’ll pay it. But this morning I took my sticks and started a round at hole No. 4 on the Highlands course. I parked across the street and walked on. You won’t be surprised to learn that the course wasn’t crowded. You know, because it is closed.

I got in four holes before the weather chased me off the course. As the wind and rain kicked up, an actual part of a tree hit me as I beat cheeks back to my car. There are no holes cut into the greens, so I didn’t miss a single putt. Shot a 10. Lowest round of my life. Here’s commentary from the tee box at No. 7.

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