Graham Glasgow’s football IQ on display when discussing difference between guard, center

Does shuffling one spot over on the offensive line make a big difference?

Graham Glasgow said absolutely when analyzing the center-to-guard move, which is why it makes sense for the Broncos’ Plan A to put Glasgow at right guard and keep him there.

Glasgow has 26 NFL starts at center, 18 at left guard and 14 at right guard.

“Contrary to what a lot of people would say, I think it’s actually a bigger switch than people would like to let on,” he said. “Primarily, the biggest difference is (that) blocking a three-technique (defensive tackle) vs. blocking a one-shade (nose tackle) is pretty sizeable. You get a lot of better pass rushers out of that.”

And with that, Glasgow was off and running to offer valuable insight.

“With the current way teams are going, you see a lot of four-(defensive) end (personnel) walking around,” he said. “When you’re a guard, there’s a lot less help. You’re not really getting helped as much. When you’re a center, you’re mainly just giving help.

“In the pass game, I would say it’s definitely more challenging to play guard, but in the run game, I would say playing center is a little bit harder. And in a lot of ways, center is a lot more mentally taxing than physically.”

As a guard in the AFC West, Glasgow will face Kansas City defensive lineman Chris Jones and new Los Angeles Chargers defensive tackle Linval Joseph twice a year.

“When you have good guard play, you’re running the ball well and you’re having particularly good double teams, which helps make creases for the running back,” Glasgow said. “You don’t really contribute to the benefit of a lot of the long-yardage runs because you find that more on the edges and blocking on the safeties — that’s how you get those, 15-, 20-, 30-yard runs. The guards and centers in particular can make it so you have less minus-yard runs.

“Good guard play helps an offense out a lot.”

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Affordable at quarterback. The obvious reason why the Broncos could spend big money this month on right guard (Glasgow) and running back (Melvin Gordon) in free agency and acquire cornerback A.J. Bouye and defensive tackle Jurrell Casey in trades was their affordable quarterback room.

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