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Imagine you are being controlled by a puppeteer’s strings.

It’s a great time to work on your setup indoors. The first thing that comes to mind when I write about setup, is the correct posture. Most golfers think the head should be down.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Head down restricts the upper torso from rotating around the spine freely.

A correct setup requires the body to be in a full athletic stance as if you were on skis or shooting a basketball on the foul line.

The chin should be up, legs should be flexed, and the back should be bent at the waist. Imagine you are being controlled by a puppeteer and the strings are keeping your upper body up, golf requires you to think out of the box.

Don’t forget to enjoy this great game called golf.

Rick Musselman, golf author, and professional owns Musselman’s Golf in Williamsport.

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