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The number one

Dean Henderson

Dean Henderson

Dean HendersonGetty Images

If Henderson were to carry on his Sheffield United form as it was (before the coronavirus break) then he has to be looked at as a number one. I would go fresh and opt for him over Pickford.

The back four

Trent Alexander-Arnold

If you look at his stats for what he creates then he has to be in the team.

The only issue is when you go into international football you wonder if you need someone who is more defensive such as Kieran Trippier, depending on the match.

Joe Gomez

Gomez has done really well this season but every time he does well it is next to Virgil Van Dijk.

When he’s played in England games before you haven’t looked at him and thought, ‘He’s brought his club form into international form.’ Can he do well next to Maguire and feel assured?

Joe Gomez

Harry Maguire

You’ve got to throw Maguire in there even though I’m not a great fan. He’s slow and he gets caught out of position a lot. But at the moment there isn’t another quality English centre-half out there.

Ben Chilwell

At the moment there is no one else. Danny Rose has gone out on loan at Newcastle and I’m not sure why. I don’t know if Rose is in the right mindset to be representing his country.

The jury is out there because no one has really grabbed that left-back spot. I’d opt for Chilwell because there is no one really around to throw him out.

The midfield

Jordan Henderson

At this moment in time he’s the only one you can look at in midfield who has been playing regularly in big games. He doesn’t pass forward enough so he would have to be that holding player.

James Maddison

Players do step up [in international tournaments]. I was thrown into the fire, so was David Platt in 1990.

One thing we’ve always lacked when we go into tournaments is creativity so you need as many creative players on the pitch as possible. It may get you through the group to have two holding midfielders but not past the semi-final.

England's James Maddison and Ben Chilwell

England’s James Maddison and Ben ChilwellReuters

Phil Foden

If he doesn’t get into this one now you ask the question when will he get there?

It’s come to the point with Foden where we can see the ability he has. He’s been doing it for so many games with the U21s and you have to play him in these kind of games that will suit him where you always have to be looking forward.

The frontline

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling’s sheer pace means he has to be in the team. You’ve got movement, flexibility and versatility with him and Rashford on the flanks.

Rashford Sterling

Rashford SterlingGetty Images

Marcus Rashford

Rashford is better coming off the touchline than being the centre-forward. He doesn’t have to be an out-and-out centre forward and you will still have a Rashford who still scores lots of goals.

Harry Kane

I would pick Kane, but you would have to look beyond him and for someone who can do a better job and offer more than just goals.

He’s a player that gets a lot of injuries and has not always produced at tournaments. There is always that doubt you don’t get enough out of him.

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