Five coaches against advocating for Fifa ban to Kenya

A number of local coaches have called on those advocating for Fifa to ban Kenya to stop, saying it will kill the sport

Several Kenyan coaches have warned against advocating for a Fifa ban on the country, insisting such a move will be detrimental to the development of the sport.

The five, who include three Fifa accredited instructors, told off those advocating for such a move, insisting it will roll back many gains achieved in the last four years.

According to Nick Yakhama, the assistant coach of the national U20 coach, a Fifa ban will bring to a halt all football activities in the country and anyone advocating for such a move isn’t aware of the consequences.

“It will stop us in our tracks as it will affect all our teams from the U13 and under-15 national teams,” Yakhama told Goal on Monday.

“Considering this is where most of our talents are, it will be a major setback for the country. Furthermore, no local players will be free to go and play in the professional ranks.

“It will lead to lose of hope and morale and we must not go there.”

Former Northern Wanderers coach Nordin Tube also warned of dire consequences should the country be banned by Fifa.

“All leagues will be suspended immediately leading to massive employment which will hit players, coaches, managers, and stadia,” Tube told Goal.

“Our national team will also miss out on major tournaments like the World Cup, Africa Cup of Nations and other Fifa recognised events. Because of these consequences, I want the government to listen to Fifa.”

Three Fifa accredited instructors have also expressed concern the country is on the verge of a ban from international football, a move they say will roll back gains achieved recently.

They pointed out the current Football Kenya Federation ((FKF), led by Nick Mwendwa, has managed to bring harmony in the sport from which good structures have been built.

Bandari coach Twahir Muhiddin said as it is, the situation in local football is already in dire straits after the folding of some clubs and a ban will just make the situation worse.

He told Goal: “We are in a very bad situation at the moment with a lack of sponsors. Players are already suffering as it is and we cannot add a ban on top of it.

“The fact is the majority of our players depend on football for as a means of livelihood and if we are banned, they will have nothing else to do as sponsors are likely to pull out from supporting teams.

“The fact is the federation has done a lot in the last four years. Because of the stability and peace, we have had a number of players turning professional and all these gains could be lost.”

Muhiddin asked those requesting for a ban to think of the players who will be the biggest losers.

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“Our players have nothing to do with what is going on and should, therefore, be spared any consequences that might directly come to them,” he added.

Another Fifa instructor, Leonard Saleh, said anyone proposing for the country to be banned is an enemy of football.

“Such a person wants to kill football and the livelihood of players, coaches, and referees,” Saleh told Goal.

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