Father and son use golfing as an escape during coronavirus pandemic – Local News

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) – Normally on a weekday morning, 9-year-old Porter Bell would be sitting in his third grade class. But with school out and social distancing in effect, he’s spending extra time with dad.

Porter and his dad Rob typically golf together maybe once or twice a week but during this time, they’ve upped their game.

“We’ll play 4 times this week. Yeah four times!” Rob said.

Courses like Stonybrook Golf Club in Noblesville are still open for business — of course taking measures to remain safe and healthy though.

They’re encouraging people to come out, get some fresh air, walk the course and compete.

The golf course is a getaway for Rob and Porter right now.

While the current conditions because of the coronavirus are far from ideal, they’re making the best of the situation.

“We just try to use this try to use it as a blessing,” Rob said. “How much time I can spend with him and maximize this time. It’s what we always talk to him about is how can we use this time to get better.”

And as a sports psychologist, Rob especially knows the importance of doing things like this amidst all the uncertainty.

“The big thing is our focus. We have to focus on just today,” Rob said. “And this moment and maximizing what we can control cause we have no idea what the future holds or what could be coming up. That’s what causes stress and fear it’s all out there in the future. So it’s what we can do for today.”

And today that plan, is working on putting with Porter.

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