Could Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson be planning a match with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning?

A possible sequel to 2018’s match play contest between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson might be in the works with an NFL twist added to the mix.

According to author and golf writer Robert Lusetich, the possibility of a second match between Woods and Mickelson could become a reality with each player having a partner this time around for the event. Two of the possibilities for the pairings include Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Woods and Mickelson sparred off in a special event in November 2018 at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas in a winner-take-all format that was supposed to be via pay-per-view. Technical difficulties led to the event being streamed free instead with Mickelson winning in extra holes.

Mickelson was asked Sunday night on Twitter if he and Woods could play a match broadcast via stream to fill the void in live sports that currently exists. Mickelson replied he was “working on it” and added “I don’t tease. I’m kinda a sure thing” when asked if it was a joke.

An event like this could work, in theory, in spite of current measures to battle the spread of the novel coronavirus. While no specifics were given about when, where, or how the event would occur, a non-traditional broadcast without live spectators that had participants and crew keeping sufficient distance from one another would seemingly be possible.

Brady and Manning are both avid golfers and have participated in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in the past. Manning played in this year’s event in February. However, their involvement is such an event seems speculative still at this point.

While the event still appears to be in the conceptual stages and may never even come to fruition, the idea of two of golf’s best from the last 20 years teaming up with two of the NFL’s best from that span for a special event could satiate a desire for live sports in a vacuum devoid of them due to COVID-19.

Could Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson be planning a match with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning? originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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