Coronavirus: Swiss joker Wawrinka celebrates birthday with clone party | TENNIS News

Stan Wawrinka did not let the coronavirus pandemic spoil his 35th birthday – as a gang of clones spared him a solitary celebration.

The Swiss three-time grand slam winner is waiting it out after the ATP ground to a standstill earlier this month, with tennis suspended until June.

And confinement meant his party on Saturday night looked like being a muted affair.

But thanks to a little computer wizardry, Wawrinka appeared to have plenty of company on his big night, even if each of his guests looked strikingly familiar.

He pushed out a video on Twitter that showed him initially sitting alone at a dinner table set for six, waiting perhaps in vain for company.

But Wawrinka’s sorrow turned to delight when five clones joined him at the table, and another Stan served up a birthday cake.

And if Wawrinka was still feeling lonely, he received a birthday video message from Grigor Dimitrov, who made a request for social media content from the creative former US Open, French Open and Australian Open winner.

Bulgarian star Dimitrov said: “My personal choice and my personal wish is for you to start taking more pictures without your shirt on, so please start doing that a little bit more often.

“Enjoy, pal, have a good one, and I know you’ve got plenty of wine stocked up with you, so make sure you keep on the positive work, make sure you’re spreading love to everybody as you always do, and see you on the other side.”

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