AT&T/Cricket subscribers: find out if you’re in line to receive 10GB of free data for up to 2 months

It’s a whole new world out there thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, and whether you’re a consumer or company the faster you resign yourself to this fact, the easier the adjustments will be. And the wireless operators are trying to do their part by agreeing not to terminate or charge a fee on customers not paying on time. They’ve also agreed to eliminate data caps and charges for exceeding them, and are allowing open use of their Wi-Fi hotspots.

AT&T announced that starting tomorrow, March 27th, the carrier’s prepaid subscribers will be getting some relief. First, for a limited time, new and existing AT&T Prepaid customers can go to this website and take advantage of a special plan that will provide customers with 2GB of data and unlimited talk/text for just $15 per month with no activation fee. The plan is also available via the MyATT app.

Existing AT&T customers and new customers who activate a phone plan with a data cap on or before April 26th will receive an extra 10GB of data each month for 60 days (this excludes the $15/15GB capped phone plan Limited Time Offer and data-only plans). New customers who activate a capped phone plan starting after April 26th will receive 10GB of additional data for 30 days.

Those with an AT&T prepaid Unlimited Plus plan with Mobile Hotspot data and new customers activating such a plan on or before April 26th will receive 10GB of additional Mobile Hotspot data per month for 60 days. If such a plan is activated after April 26th, a new customer will be given 10GB of additional Mobile Hotspot data for 30 days.

AT&T’s prepaid Cricket Wireless unit is also giving some of its customers 10GB of additional data for free. Cricket subscribers on the $30/2GB or the $40/5GB plan will receive 10GB of free data per month over two months. The data can be used for phone data or a hotspot. And Cricket’s unlimited subscribers with the $55 unlimited plan without hotspot and the $60 unlimited plan with 15GB of hotspot will both get 10GB of data for hotspot use.

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