ASK IRA: Will NBA player options (including Olynyk) become moot this offseason? – South Florida Sun Sentinel

A: Based on the current state of economics, NBA and beyond, and in light of the lack of cap space around the league this summer, my feeling is that just about any player with a substantial player option will remain in place. As it is, this likely will be an offseason like no other, one with a clock all its own. There already have been reports about Gordon Hayward planning to opt in to his $31.9 million with the Celtics, and it would appear just as likely that DeMar DeRozan would do the same with his $27.8 million with the Spurs. I doubt any amount of discontent, if that even is the case, would alter such a significant decision. Others with player options likely to follow similar suit are Otto Porter Jr. ($28.5 million), Nicolas Batum ($27.1 million), Andre Drummond ($25.4 million), Tim Hardaway Jr. ($17.7 million), Evan Fournier ($17 million), James Johnson ($16 million), Bobby Portis ($15.8 million) and the Heat’s Kelly Olynyk ($13.2 million). The likely lone exception would be Anthony Davis’ $28.8 million, with the Lakers forward expected to opt out and then commit to remain with a maximum new deal.

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