4 ways to entertain yourself during the coronavirus outbreak

While we all social distance in our own respective homes because of coronavirus, MLB players find creative ways to entertain themselves while in quarantine.

MLB players are creatures of habit and if you or your favorite team have ever sat through a rain delay, you know baseball players get weird when they have time on their hands. That being said, let’s take a look at what players are doing with their time now that they’re stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Mike Trout becomes the King of Trick Shots

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When not busy being the best player in baseball, Trout continues to prove how incredible he is nailing a ridiculous golf shot from one floor of his mansion to another. Just as impressive as one of his dingers or home run robberies.

In THIS VIDEO, Tout takes his golf game to a whole new level. From the second floor (of his home?), Trout swats a golf ball into a solo cup on the first floor. Unbelievable.

Amir Garrett wins MLB The Show Tournament

Despite the opening day being supposed to be taking place this week, a number of MLB players hosted an MLB The Show tournament where Amir Garrett emerged victorious. It wasn’t real baseball but it allowed the players to showcase their personalities and give at least the resemblance to an actual MLB competition.

Sonny Gray and Drew Storen show no mercy

Little Gray didn’t stand a chance against his Pops even though the larger Gray is a pitcher. The good news for Jr. is that once he hits the travel circuit he’ll be well prepared to face all the other MLB kids he’ll be up against.

Even with a left on left match up, little Storen Jr. didn’t do any better against his pops who launched one into the neighbor’s lawn. One can only hope they retrieved the balls with a full HAZMAT suit and that Storen Jr. learns about offspeed pitches sometime soon.

Erick Fedde wants a DC United Tryout

The Nationals pitcher is out here trying to dispel the notion that pitchers aren’t athletes juggling a valuable gold brick roll of toilet paper. Fedde may end up as a striker at Audi Field across the way from Nats park on days he doesn’t have to pitch.

However bored you are social distancing and self quarantining, just know you are not alone whether you are an average Joe or a professional athlete. This will pass but until then, stay safe and know you aren’t alone in your boredom.

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For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.

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